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On April 26, 2022,  Secretary of State Dave Scanlan announced the creation of a Special Committee on Voter Confidence to address “the causes of diminishing voter confidence in the state of New Hampshire.” Despite bipartisan acknowledgement of New Hampshire’s safe, secure, and accurate elections, the Special Committee on Voter Confidence seeks to solve a problem based in lies, and in doing so risks validating baseless voter fraud conspiracy theories by providing a  legitimate platform. 


What would in reality expand voter confidence in New Hampshire is to ensure  that every voter is able to have a say in our democracy. It means increasing trust in election systems through greater transparency, participation, and modernization of our elections.  The New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights platform to increase voter confidence and improve New Hampshire’s election system includes:

  • Administrative Improvements 

These changes will assist voters in understanding how to vote in their communities, as well as support election officials in running polling places on Election Day. 

  • Provide template for towns for their websites so each town website is up to date and accurate

  • Ensure the Secretary of State’s (SOS) website has up to date polling hours and locations

  • Ensure SOS website has easy to understand and accessible guidelines for registering to vote and voting

  • New ballot counting devices to ensure that ballot machines stop breaking down during election day 

  • Expansion of e-poll books so every community who wishes to use them, can use them. 

  • Utilize additional state funding or Help America Vote Act (HAVA) grants for local election officials to support their work and help recruit and train poll workers and volunteers.

    • Includes using the existing HAVA funds for towns and cities to draw from via grants which could fund trainings, educational materials, assist with recruiting new volunteers or poll workers

  • Voter Access Improvements 

These policies will create greater access for voters to New Hampshire elections by providing additional opportunities to register to vote and  access their registration and voting information

  • Implement proven secure registration tools including:

    • Online Voter Registration (Or Election Information Portal)

    • Automated Voter Registration 

    • Multi-lingual registration and voting documents 

      • At minimum provided in Spanish

    • Expanding absentee voting to codify the AG and Governors order from the 2020 election. 


  • Post Election Improvements 

These improvements will increase trust in our elections by ensuring accurate post election data on results and voter rolls

  • Join the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) so New Hampshire can have clean voter rolls and accurate data post election – boosting confidence in our elections.

  • Implement a robust post election audit system 


These proposed  upgrades and improvements for New Hampshire’s election administration, access, and post election processes are data driven and will increase access and trust for all Granite State voters. The Special Committee on Voter Confidence should include these policy proposals  in any final materials and recommendations made by the committee. 


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The New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights is a coalition of state and national advocacy organizations, voters, attorneys and watchdog organizations working to ensure and preserve the right to vote for every Granite Stater. As a nonpartisan group, we advocate for voter enfranchisement, election security, and modernization for New Hampshire voters.

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