NHCVR Reacts to Hearing on Anti-Voter Non-Germane Amendment to SB 89


Concord, NH -- Yesterday, the House Election Law Committee held a tense hearing on an anti-democracy, non-germane amendment to SB 89 introduced by House Election Law Chairwoman Rep. Barbara Griffin. This amendment is designed to protect the status quo of election laws in New Hampshire and keep state election administration from popular and much needed modernization reforms like online voter registration. In response to this morning’s hearing the New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights has released the following statement:

“Testimony in support of this last minute non-germane amendment was rooted in misinformation and partisanship. The For the People Act will help NH modernize and further secure our election systems while working to strengthen Granite Staters’ faith in our democracy. It is disappointing that some of our elected officials in New Hampshire continue to be dead set against improving voter access and want to protect our broken status quo. In fact, moments before the vote on this amendment House Republicans killed two common sense bi-partisan pieces of legislation that would have modernized New Hampshire’s elections and made simple improvements to our absentee ballot process. House Republicans' failure to enact these simple pro-voter bills are a perfect example of the need for the “For the People Act.” Even the Secretary of State’s office was unable to clarify important questions about the amendment including the significant cost of separate election systems for the state or how duplicate processes for federal and state elections would be enacted. This amendment is a disservice to voters, our local election officials, and the health of our democracy.”

Background: Non-germane amendment #2021-1445h to SB 89 was introduced on May 12, 2021.

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