New Hampshire Senate Passes Legislation Destined to Throw Eligible Voters Off the Voter Rolls


CONCORD-- This afternoon, the New Hampshire Senate on a 14-10 party line vote to pass HB 285, a bill could remove eligible Granite Staters from the voter rolls while ignoring the need to help local election officials accurately clean out illegible voter registrations. The New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights released the following statement:

Politicians should not be able to delete your voter registration just because you have the same name as someone else in New Hampshire. Five years ago politicians entered New Hampshire into the failed Interstate Crosscheck program which does exactly what this bill is attempting to do. This resulted in the incorrect removal of thousands of voters from the rolls. Today, the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill that uses the same criteria to look for duplicate voters on the voter rolls which will undoubtedly lead to legitimate Granite State voters being removed.

Republicans in the Senate opted to do this rather than join ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), an election integrity program that a majority of states participate in, including most of our bordering states in the Northeast. If our state is serious about cleaning up voter lists, catching rare cases of voter error, and helping local election officials run more efficient elections, we should enter into ERIC and abandon the failed strategy outlined in HB 285.


The New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights is a coalition of state and national advocacy organizations, voters, attorneys and watchdog organizations working to ensure and preserve the right to vote for every Granite Stater, and is a project of America Votes New Hampshire.