New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights Responds to Jim Crow 2021 Hearing


CONCORD—Today, the United States Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the numerous restrictive measures being pushed in state legislatures across the country including here in New Hampshire. The Campaign For Voting Rights released the following statement:
“Today the U.S. Senate held a hearing on nationwide efforts to disenfranchise eligible voters. It was disappointing to see Secretary of State Gardner’s continued misinformation campaign against H.R. 1 and S1, including inaccurate claims that the legislation would affect our state’s first in the nation primary status. This gives us great doubt about the meeting the Secretary will host with local election officials tomorrow. By the Secretary’s own admission, the 2020 presidential election, which included universal access to absentee ballots, was tremendously successful. Instead of building on that success, politicians in the New Hampshire legislature, often with the support of the Secretary of State’s office, are actively rolling back the progress we made which resulted in record turnout. They have already killed bills that would have made no excuse absentee voting permanent and continue to push bills that chip away at Granite Staters’ freedom to vote by making registering to vote and voting itself needlessly complicated. Now is the time to modernize our outdated systems which is precisely why H.R. 1 and S1 are equally important for every eligible Granite State voter, regardless of their party.”

The New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights is a coalition of state and national advocacy organizations, voters, attorneys and watchdog organizations working to ensure and preserve the right to vote for every Granite Stater, and is a project of America Votes New Hampshire.