New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights Calls for Election Modernization after Audit Ends


Concord, NH -- Today the Windham auditors completed their audit of the November 2020 Rockingham 7 State Representative race. In response to the end of the audit, the coalition released the following statement:

“The coalition would like to thank Harri Hurst, Mark Lindeman, and Philip Stark for all of their work as well as all of the election officials who volunteered their time to carefully complete the audit. While Granite Staters await the final report, there are clear takeaways from the comments the auditors have made publicly during the process. The auditors made clear that fraud was not the cause of the difference between the handcount and vote machine totals.

The cause is due, at least in part, to the Secretary of State’s continued reluctance to modernize our elections in New Hampshire. On May 12th during an interview with WMUR, Harri Hursti called the ballot counting machines “archaic”. The archaic nature of these machines led to shadows being read as votes. Local election officials have asked the Secretary of State’s office for new ballot counting devices for years but they failed to act. In 2018, the legislature passed a bill on a fully bi-partisan vote to require new ballot counting devices be purchased and still the Secretary of State’s office took no action.

The auditors have 45 days to produce their report detailing what precisely happened in the Windham 2020 general election, but it’s clear from the transparent and public process that the auditors have serious concerns about the state of New Hampshire election administration and technology.”

Background: The Windham audit began on May 11th, and the auditors are required to submit a report of their findings 45 days after the completion of the audit which is July 11th.

The New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights is a coalition of state and national advocacy organizations, voters, attorneys and watchdog organizations working to ensure and preserve the right to vote for every Granite Stater, and is a project of America Votes New Hampshire.