Bulk of Anti-Voter Agenda Shelved Until Next Session, But Not Killed


CONCORD-- Today the House Election Law voted to retain or ITL a majority of their anti-voter agenda, sending most of these bills back for further analysis until next session. These bills were introduced on Monday and met with a wave of widespread opposition both in-state and nationally.

The anti-student voter bill, HB 429, was voted inexpedient to legislate, effectively killing it. The anti-voter bills that were retained include:
- Unconstitutional provisional ballots bill HB 531
- Anti-voter qualified affidavit same day registration bill HB 535
- Anti-student voter bill HB 554
- Anti-student voter residency bill HB 362

In response to the votes, the NH Campaign for Voting Rights released the following statement:

"This anti-voter agenda being pushed by bad actors in the legislature does not need more work, it needs to end. While we thank the committee for listening to the hundreds of Granite Staters who spoke out in support of voting rights this week by killing the blatantly anti-student voter bill HB 429, we urge the committee to follow the same course for the bills they retained today. Our leaders in the legislature, Corner Office, and Secretary of State's office should redirect their focus and build upon the successes of our record-breaking elections last fall. If our leaders are serious about increasing accessibility and security to our elections, they should implement pro-voter initiatives this session like joining the Electronic Registration Information Center, supporting local election officials by passing electronic poll books, and expanding access to absentee ballots so all eligible Granite Staters can vote safely and securely."


The New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights is a coalition of state and national advocacy organizations, voters, attorneys and watchdog organizations working to ensure and preserve the right to vote for every Granite Stater, and is a project of America Votes New Hampshire.